This product is jointly developed with Toho rubber. They are simple yet functional.

The following types of boots are available:

  • Standard boots(Total length of ~30 cm)
  • Long boots(Total length of ~36 cm)
  • Snow boots that are water resistant. They can be washed in water and dry easily.

※ In some instances, the design and logo might change.
Boots that are manufactured by our company can be found here.


Domestic Products

In recent years, boots have been produced very cheaply in China and then sold in shoe retail stores and home centers.
Compared to the outside, domestically produced boots have the following characteristics:

  • Lighter
  • Softer
  • Longer-lasting(Boots produced in china are subject to cracking within the first year or two.)
  • Expensive(In the long run, it will be more cost effective though).

In the field of domestically produced boots, please leave it to Chiyoda Rubber.

For all your rubber, urethane, and polyolefin needs, please leave it up to Chiyoda Rubber.


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