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All of your orders will be manufactured by us.

DF2400CH, a double-sided tape, is one of our original products.
We put it onto our black rubber sponges.
We are able to cut it to your desired thickness and size.

両面テープ DF2400CH

Yes, you are. Each material has a wide array of choices.
You can pick the properties based on your needs and the applications.

Yes, it is possible. We provide sample materials and application demonstrations.
All our products are sold from a single unit. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

The company operates on a made-to-order manufacturing system.
If you order general goods then same day or next day shipping is supported.
The shipping time varies depending on the type of product so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Of course they are.
Please ask us for anything you might need, from sponges to rubber boots.

Yes, we do.
Please ask us for whatever documents you are looking for, such as MSDS, RoHS2, and chemSHERPA.
When requesting this information, you will be asked for your company name and the reason for your inquiry, so have those ready.

Yes we are.
The company uses a made-to-order system.
We are able to do sample cuts to show our customers an example of the product.

If you send it to us, we can identify it for you.
Often times, certain types of rubber and sponge have the same appearance but different functions. Thus, it would be helpful to know what the intended application is.

Yes, there are various different types of material that we deal with.
They include: Rubber, NR, CR, EPDM, NBR, and SI.
One technique to distinguish the materials is to burn a little bit of the edge off.
If it self-extinguishes, then it is CR because CR has high fire resistance. If the material becomes white, then it is SI. There are a few tests like this that allow one to distinguish between materials.
*When dealing with oil, please take precautions against fire and injury.

Many dish-washing sponges use urethane foam.
As such, we do have them available. We have them in many different colors and hardness(density).

Rubber tends to be very elastic and can sometimes become smaller than it initially was.
Depending on the shape and its exposure to the environment, expansion and contraction will occur immediately after processing.
The sponges typically get filled with air bubbles and as time goes on, the air starts to seep out.
Thus, they will eventually shrink in size.
It is the same phenomenon as when a rubber balloon deflates with time.

The sponge properties can change over time due to heat or UV light exposure as well as oxidation and hydrolysis.
Thus depending on the situation, you should use the appropriate type of material to minimize the tattering. For example, if a lot of outside use is going to occur, whether resistant EPDM is the ideal. At high temperatures, a silicon-based or fluorine-based sponge is best. When using in water, it is best to use an ether-based urethane foam. Using the appropriate material for the given situation is the best way to reduce damage, however, it is not possible to prevent all damage to the sponges.

It varies from product to product, but the paste strength usually increases within a few weeks of putting it on rubber materials.
After this time period however, the adhesive strength will begin to drop with time.
Changes in humidity, temperature, and exposure to ultraviolet light also influence the strength of the tape.
In the case of rubber sponges, the sulfur generation might be a reason for the decrease in adhesion. In order to prevent this,
-Make sure your tape corresponds to the type of material you ordered
-Try to minimize light exposure and store in a cool place
-Apply pressure, with your hand, along the surface of your material
Lastly, please try and use the tape as soon as possible.

This phenomena is called yellowing.
It is due to a chemical reaction that takes place when exposed to UV light.
This kind of light can be found in sunlight and in fluorescent lights.
When you place white urethane foam under fluorescent lights, it will begin to yellow within a few hours. We recommend that you store the urethane foam away from light. For example, in a black bag or cardboard box.


If it is thinner, then a dial gauge is used. If it is a little on the thicker side then a caliper is used.
The thickness is measured in millimeters(mm).
The hardness level is determined based on the type of material being used.
For example, the rubber sponge hardness level is C-type on the Asker Rubber hardness scale. Solid rubber ranks as an A-type and is used often as a reference value.

Dial gauge thickness measurement

Of course we do.
We have products on hand at Chiyoda-ku Kanda-kajicho(main office), Kita-ku Toshima(Oji Factory), and at Taito-ku Yanaka(Distribution Center).
The inventory at each location is not the same so it might take 1 business day to transport to your desired location.
If your are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.
We also stock rubber gloves and boots at our Kanda office.
Just stop by the first floor and ask.

Rubber, urethane, and polyethylene foam all carry a very pungent smell with them.。
This is due to the materials themselves and the blowing agent used on them.
Usually you can get rid of some of the smell by exposing it to open air for a few weeks but it does not get rid of it entirely.
If you store your goods in a sealed container, the scent will really build up so please, take caution when opening it.
Polyethylene based materials in particular have a really strong smell. If it is too much of a problem, please give us a call. We offer similar products that aren’t as strong smelling.

We do. There are several different type depending on the type of sound blocking that you want.
Insulation, sound absorption, anti-vibration, and damping are all different kinds of ways to block sound.
If you want to reduce to physical vibrations created from sound, then damping rubber is the best option.
If you want to prevent the leakage of sound and echoing then urethane foam is the best choice.
It seals off sound so you can’t hear it.

For all your rubber, urethane, and polyolefin needs, please leave it up to Chiyoda Rubber.


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