Headquartered in Chiyoda, with a factory in Kita

Headquartered in Tokyo in the town of Kanda-kajicho, we have a factory located in Ohji and a distribution center in Yanaka. Thus, we respond quick to requests near Tokyo.


ISO 9001 certified

We have been certified with ISO 9001(Quality Systems Management) since December, 2004. As such, we strive to maintain high quality products at all times.

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Many Original Products

Chiyoda Rubber is proud to present unique and original products such as double-sided tape and all-purpose rubber boots. Planning, production, and distribution is all done by us.

Original Products

Chiyoda Rubber Products


We offer a variety of rubber, polyurethane, and polyolefin products. These three materials are explained in further detail.

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We have a wide range of rubber, polyurethane, and polyolefin products. You can refine your selection by material and specification.

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We offer an assortment of apparel including raincoats, gloves, aprons, and boots. Our products are all functional yet stylish.

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Technology and Corporate

Our methods

Processing Techniques

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“Love” for rubber, polyurethane, and polyolefin

Company Profile

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Chiyoda Rubber
Original Products

Planning, development, and production
are all done by
Chiyoda Rubber. This technology is the pride of our company.

Double-sided tape DF2400CH series

It can actually be pasted!

Double-sided tape DF2400CH series

This product was jointly developed with Toyo-Chem. This type of tape has excellent adhesive properties and sticks to all types of foam. It can be added to products of varying size and thickness. It is also sold in hardware stores.

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Light and safe… Get to Work!


Original Boots co-developed with Toho Rubber. Offered in three types: Half-boots, full size boots, and snow boots. A product unique to Chiyoda rubber, they are light, soft, and durable. Once you get used to them, you won’t be able to use another pair again.

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For all your rubber, urethane, and polyolefin needs, please leave it up to Chiyoda Rubber.


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